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com·mu·ni·ty bank
noun: community bank; plural noun: community banks
  1. a commercial bank that derives funds from and lends to the community where it operates, and is not affiliated with a multibank holding company.

The definition of a community bank means that local impact, focus and decisions are made locally! At Geauga Savings Bank, we believe the biggest impact we can make is helping our customers and local businesses reach their financial strength!

That simply translates to providing financial consulting and educational opportunities to help you make the best decisions concerning your finances and also providing the best available tools to assist your financial growth.

As GSB, we are committed to being the best community bank for our local communities and not only living the “definition” of a community bank but delivering on the spirit and success that being a community bank truly means!

Ask a GSB associate for the latest financial education opportunities and schedule a time for a one-on-one conversation about your financial future!